Home automation for new and existing buildings:

Automation makes your home ready for the future

Haussteuerung im NeubauPlan ahead

The best home is a home that perfectly fulfils the inhabitants’ requirements in the long run. A growing need is an integrated multi-functional home automation. It combines convenience, communication, entertainment, security and energy efficiency. Early planning of your home automation guarantees maximum flexibility and self-determined living.

Let technology occur in the background

When planning your smart home focus on convenience. Your new house should make your daily life easier. Technology should occur in the background and leave room for usability and elegant timeless design. Even very young and elderly people should feel comfortable at your house and be able to use your smart home system.

We help you plan and offer you a one-stop solution

How do I optimize the security in my house? How do I reduce my energy consumption? Where should I place my wall switches? Contact our smart home planners for advice! Renomation covers the entire process from planning, programming, delivery of components to operation. And we’re also here for you after you move in, for maintenance, support and updates. We are your partner for everything that can be automated in your home and offer you a one-stop solution.

Already have a house? Looking for a retrofit solution?

Our smart home solution is not just for newly built houses. It can also be installed in existing houses. Depending on the situation we suggest a cable-based installation, wireless installation or often also a mix of both. This means that even when you have no plans for refurbishment, a smart home system can still be easily installed. Without dust and noise!

Home automation is less expensive than you might think…

The price of a smart home system is relatively low compared to the total cost of construction. Here are some typical project prices:

approx. CHF 20’000 for an apartment
approx. CHF 30’000 for a mid-sized house
approx. CHF 50’000+ for a villa

Cost varies considerably depending on the number of rooms, lights and shutters and of course depending on the scope of functions. The prices above do not include wiring and electricians work.