The Smart Home System:

Your smart home in every way

The Renomation smart home is modular. Every module covers a different area or topic. This flexibility allows you to customise your smart home to your personal needs. By clicking on the different areas you will see what each module offers (details in German).


The smart control devices for your home:

Tablets, smartphones, iPads, touchpanels, multifunction switches, web browser

The smart control for your lighting:

Standard lamps, spot lights, dimmable lights, RGB lights, scenes, outdoor lighting

The smart control for your blinds:

Blinds, shutters, canvas blinds, slats angle control, control by light incidence, wind and weather  

The smart control for your home entertainment:

Music, multiroom audio, AV systems, surround sound systems, video, TV, projectors, home cinema, movie center  

The smart solution for your safety:

Alarm and security systems, window sensors, motion detectors, cameras and surveillance, panic button, presence simulation  

The smart control for your indoor climate:

Room temperature control, thermostats, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy consumption, weather station

The smart backbone for your home:

Renomation homeserver, automation, scenes, statistics, time switch, panels, remote access

The smart furniture line for your home automation:

Coffee tables with integrated smart home control, smart beds, smart whiteware